LANGBEIN, Michael a son of Frederick and Rosetta (Wagner) Langhbein, natives of Germany, was born in Canton County, Kentucky, August 27, 1857. In 1866 when Michael was nine years old his parents settled in Pierce county, Wisconsin, in Ellsworth Township. The father purchased 200 acres of land on sections 13 and 15, the home being on section 15. This was all wild land. He cleared it and put a large part under cultivation, and here he lived until 1885, when h moved into the village of Ellsworth and has led a retired life. His wife died at the age of seventy-three. He was one of the men who was instrumental in building the German Lutheran church of Ellsworth township and was an active church worker. Michael Langhbein remained on his father's farm until he was about twenty-five years old; he then purchased his present farm on section 15, Ellsworth Township. He has some fine buildings on his farm for his stock and grain, and a pleasant house where he and his family enjoy life. He tills the soil and also is engaged in stock raising and dairying. Republican in politics, he was supervisor of the township for some years and was one of the school trustees for some time. He is a member of the German Lutheran church and for nine years its treasurer. He belongs to the Modern Woodmen of America. July 2, 1882, Mr. Langhbein married Miss Rachael Shingledecker, who came to Pierce County from Ripley county, Indiana, with her parents when seven years old. Her father, Nicholas, and her mother, Elizabeth (Brown) Schingledecker, were born in Germany and came to the United States when they were young people. They settled in Cincinnati, O., later moved to Indiana and afterwards migrated to Wisconsin, locating on a forty-acre farm in Ellsworth township, where they lived until their death. Her father died December 1905, and her mother passed away January 8, 1908, at the age of ninety-one. Unto Mr. and Mrs. Langhbein the following children were born: Anna E., Lela J., Alvin R., Gracie V. and Edward R. (taken from "History of the St. Croix Valley", published in 1909)

LAUDER, Thomas Cornelius was born at Madina, Orleans County, N. Y., August 28, 1851, son of Thomas Lauder and Mary Scott. The father was born in Wightonshire, Scotland, April 5, 1821, and came to America in 1845, first settling in New York State. In 1852 he moved to Dane county, Wisconsin, and in 1854 located in Pierce County, purchasing 120 acres in Martell Township. In 1870 he purchased 172 acres of good land in section 1, River Falls Township, where he passed away in 1894. The mother was born in Dumfreeshire, Scotland, in 1821, daughter of William and Margaret (Nelson) Scott. She was married in Scotland in 1840 and unto Thomas Lauder she bore eleven children. Jesse was born in 1842 and Jane in 1844, both passing away on shipboard. Samuel was born October 15, 1847, and lives at Clark county, Iowa, where he owns 480 acres. He is now retired. Isabelle lives in Grafton, N. D. She was born in 1849, married John Scott in 1868 and has one child, Samuel born in 1869. Her husband passed away in 1907. William was born in 1853 and is a resident of Wahpeton, N. D., where he practices law. Gavin was born in 1855 and lives at Walla Walla, Wash., where he is a farmer. Mary, born in 1857, lives in Pierce county, River Falls township, and married Thomas Browell. John, born in 1859, lives in Hettinger county, N. D., where he is a farmer. Alexander was born in 1861 and is a farmer in Brunett county, Wisconsin. James, born in 1864, is also a farmer in Burnett County. Thomas C. received his education in the county schools, later attended the old academy at River Falls and then took a course at the collegiate institute at the same place. He taught school for five years, went to Sargeant, N. D., in 1880, and remained until 1896, when he came back to the old homestead, where he still resides. His farm consists of 172 acres on section 1, River Falls Township. While in North Dakota he served as census enumerator of Sargeant County in 1885, and was also register of deeds for seven years and sheriff for two years. He was also chief clerk at the United States land office of Fargo, N. D. For five years he held the general agency of the state of Wisconsin for the Minneapolis Harvester Company. He is a Democrat in politics and attends the Congregational church, of which his wife is a member. Mr. Lauder was married in 1883 to Margaret Louisa Morris, a resident of North Dakota at the time. She was born in New York City in 1864 and lost both her parents while still a babe. This union has resulted in four children-Jesse Margaret was born in 1884. She attended the normal school three years and has been teaching for five years. Clarence Clinton was born in 1885, attended the normal school three years and lives at home. Charlotte Alida was born in 1885, was educated in River Falls and is a schoolteacher. Thomas Benton, born in 1890, attended the public schools and works at home on the farm. Reference: Taken from "History of the St. Croix Valley", published in 1909

LITTLE, Wharton D. is a native of Boston, Mass., born in 1868, son of William D. and Susan (Hanna) Little. His grandfather, also named William, was a physician. William D., the father, was born in Scotland and came to the United States with his father when still a boy. Following in his father's footsteps, he became a physician, and practiced first at New Brunswick, Canada. He then went to Boston and from there moved to Minnesota, where he practiced his profession for twenty-five years, dying in March 1899, of neuralgia of the heart. His wife, Susan Hanna, was of Scotch-Irish descent, her father being William H. Hanna, who was born in Belfast, Scotland, and engaged in the real estate business there, never coming to this country. William D. and Susan Little had four children: Wharton is the oldest. Charles B, born in 1870, is engaged in the real estate business in Jamestown, North Dakota. Mabel was born in 1878, married in 1898 to Fred Wolfe and lives in Kansas City, Mo. Jennie, born in 1880, is now Mrs. Donahue, her husband being a conductor on the Northern Pacific railroad. Wharton D. received his elementary education in the public schools of Boston, graduating from a high school in the same city. He took a course in the Boston College of Physicians and Surgeons and later graduated from the medical course of the college at Keokuk, Iowa. He was an interne in St. Joseph's hospital at Keokuk, Iowa., for two years and then in company with a classmate, opened an office in Ethel, Mo. He then located at Hammond, Minn., also practicing at Motley, in that state. In 1896 he came to Maiden Rock and opened a well-equipped office, which he has continued to conduct. He is a skilled physician, possessing the confidence of the hundreds of families in whose homes he ministers. He has avoided political controversy and is not associated with any party. He is a member of the Episcopal Church. He took a post-graduate course at the Keokuk medical college in 1900, becoming acquainted with the latest developments in medicine and surgery. Dr. Little was married inn 1898 to Dorothy Kelley, born in Pittsburgh, Penn., in 1878, her father having been a contractor and builder. Both parents are now dead, the mother passing away when Mrs. Little was still a small child. Reference: Taken from "History of the St. Croix Valley", published in 1909

LORD, Orin, cashier of the Bank of Ellsworth, Wis., since its organization in 1888, was born in River Falls, Pierce county, Wis., March 23, 1862, a son of Albert H. and Louisa (Backus) Lord. The father was born in the state of Maine and since sixteen years of age has resided in this county. The mother died when Orin was ten years old. There was only one other child in the family beside Orin. He is Fred D. Lord, engaged in the abstract business at Ellsworth. Orin received his education in the public schools and at the State Normal school, at River Falls, afterward working in his father's livery stable until twenty-one years of age. His first work away from home was with his uncle of the firm of J. H. Lord & Son, general merchandise retailers. He continued in this employ one year, afterward entering the Bank of River Falls as clerk. He remained with that bank until 1888, when he moved to Ellsworth, an office which he has since held continuously for twenty years. Mr. Lord is a member of the Masonic order and votes the Republican ticket. He was married November 15, 1889, to Lou M. Stafford, born in Trim Belle township, Pierce County, December 21, 1867, daughter of Charles M. and Lucy (Childs) Stafford. Her father was born in New York State and came to Wisconsin in the early '50s. Mrs. Lord was educated in Prescott, Wis. The union of Mr. and Mrs. Lord have never been blessed with children. (taken from "History of the St. Croix Valley", published in 1909)

LOVELL, William was born in Beloit, Rock county, Wis., son of Richard and Sarah (Pickering) Lovell, the former of whom was born in 1809 in Phimber, Yorkshire, England, and died in 1881, and the latter of whom was born in England in 1810 and died in 1902. The parents came to America in 1853, settling at Beloit, Wis., afterward coming to Pierce County and locating on what is now the old homestead on section 9, River Falls Township. William was but three years of age when his parents came to this part of the state. He was educated in the public schools and brought up on the farm. He attended the River Falls Academy and the River Falls Normal School, finishing the course in the latter in 1879. Until 1887 he taught school during the winter months; since that date he has been engaged in farming and stock raising. He owns 195 acres, 110 of which is under cultivation. A Republican in politics, he has served as town clerk for the remarkable period of twenty-three years and as school clerk nine years, giving great satisfaction in both capacities. Mr. Lovell was married in 1886 to Sarah Elliot, a resident of this township at the time of her marriage. This union has resulted in five children-Floyd, born in 1893; Byrne, born in 1896; Lora, born in 1887; Mona, born in 1890, and Helen, born in 1902. Reference: Taken from "History of the St. Croix Valley", published in 1909

LUNDGAARD, Oscar now resides on section 34, Martell township, where he owns two hundred acres of well improved farm land. He was born on the place where he now lives March 7, 1875, and received his education in the district schools of Martell township, and also at a business college, Lake City, Minn. He has always resided on the old homestead. His parents, Martin and Sophia (Peterson) Loson, were born in Norway, and came to the United States early in life. The father came in 1849, settled in the southern part of Wisconsin, and remained there until he came to Pierce County in 1856. He purchased part of the present home place that year-160 acres. He also ran a general store at Martell and he was the first merchant at that place. After his marriage he returned to his farm and here lived until his death, August 14, 1900, at the age of seventy-three years. He was a member of the Synod Lutheran church. He enlisted in the Civil War August 18, 1862, in Company D, Thirtieth Wisconsin Volunteers, and served until September 20, 1865, being discharged at Louisville, Ky. He was in a good many battles and for a considerable time was on the western frontier. His widow is still living, at the age of about sixty-three, and resides with her son Oscar. The subject of this biography has always farmed the home place, to which he added eighty acres and has put on many improvements. In addition to his farm interests he is treasurer of the Lawton Co-operative creamery, and has been since its organization, being one of its promoters. He has quite an interest in timber lands in Ashland county, Wisconsin. He is not only a good farmer, but he is a good business man. Mr. Lundgaard married July 4, 1899, Cunhild Peterson, daughter of Amund Peterson, one of the early settlers of Martell township, where he still resides on his farm, section 35. Unto Mr. and Mrs. Lundgaard have been born four children. Their names are Selma Constance, born January 24, 1900; Mabel Amanda, born April 29, 1902; Cora Severne, born October 19, 1905 and Melvin Olaf, born April 4, 1907. (taken from "History of the St. Croix Valley", published in 1909)